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JD Backstage At Janet’s Rehearsal

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Only Black Guy Concert Review

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“Hello my name is Chris Rock aka the only black at the concert. This year has been one my busiest concert years of all time. So far this year I was the only black guy at the Van Halen concert, the only black guy at the Cure concert, and the only black guy at the White Stripes concert. And later on this year I’m sure I’ll be the only black guy at the Radiohead concert.

This week my assignment was to see Coldplay at Madison Square Garden. Now being the only black guy can sometimes be dangerous like the time I was the only black guy at an ACDC concert in Prague. There not use to seeing black people at all in Prague, but a black guy singing “hells bells” was just a little to much for them to take. Now I didn’t know what to expect from a Coldplay concert, but I figured I wasn’t gonna get stabbed in the middle of “yellow.” Anyway the concert was pretty good. I thought it was a perfect mix of old and new songs and I gotta say that when they did something from the new album Chris Martin was smart enough not to say the words you hate to here the most at a concert; ” This is something from our new album.” That’s like saying this is a good time to take a shit.

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LOL: Kelly Rowland In Africa

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Edward Norton On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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