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Clay Aiken To Be A Father

Posted in celebrities, Celebrity Babies with tags , , , , on May 29, 2008 by famouspersonality

TMZ is reporting that Clay Aiken is going to be a father. “TMZ has learned Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy. In case you didn’t process that, Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy.

Here’s what we know. Multiple sources tell us the mother is Jaymes Foster, a record producer and Clay’s best friend. He lives at her home when he’s in L.A.

We’re told Foster, who produced several Aiken CDs, is due in August. She’s the sister of record mogul David Foster. We’re told she’s in her late 40’s, though we could not confirm her exact age. She divorced a few years back and has no kids. Aiken is 29.

We’re told Foster was artificially inseminated. But Clay is a lot more than sperm — we’re told he will have an active role in raising the child.”

Jaymes Foster is the woman on the left in the photo. Congrats!

Source: TMZ