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Mariah Married Nick?!?

Posted in gossip, Mariah Carey, Rumor with tags , , on May 1, 2008 by famouspersonality is reporting that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were married yesterday in a small ceremony. I don’t want to believe it, because I am not a Nick Cannon fan. In fact, the very sight of Nick on my TV will cause me to dive for my remote.  If MC married him with that second hand ring, then I wish them the best.  Congrats!

Update: The New York Post is reporting that Mariah really married this man. The shocking part is that she married him without a prenuptial agreement. Not a good move, but she can always do a post nuptial agreement. 


Beyonce Pregnant??!?!

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“A source close to the couple revealed, “Beyonce is 100% pregnant, which is why the couple rushed their wedding.” The source also [said] that all the friends and family that attended the ultra private wedding were all aware that Beyonce was already expecting.

Our source added that Beyonce is in her early stages, but don’t expect this star to come out with a confirmation statement anytime soon. The couple is pretty private about their personal lives–they still haven’t even confirmed their wedding. But the source confirmed that she is expecting and they rushed the wedding due to Beyonce’s strong Christian beliefs.”

I think I will wait until I see a noticeable baby bump to believe this one.  If true, congrats.


Natalie Portman Has A New Boyfriend

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Natalie Portman has a new boyfriend, singer Devendra Banhart. Hmmm, he is wearing a woman’s coat, sunglasses and purse. Interesting…she is into guys that like the androgynous look. Well, as long as she’s happy.

source: People

Beyonce and Jay-Z Wedding Update

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People Magazine is reporting that their sources confimed that Jay-Z and Beyonce were indeed married earlier today.

“Though there is no official confirmation, the friend says, “It happened earlier this evening. Jay wanted it to be a really private affair – close friends and family.”

The ceremony was followed by a lavish party at the rapper’s Tribeca apartment that drew Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles, her father/manager Mathew, her sister Solange, her Destiny’s Child mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and the couple’s friend Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Congrats to them! Now, we can move on the the baby questions.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Wedding Details?!?

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  •  Private affair in NYC (very small guest list!)
  • Guests MUST wear all ivory
  • Location was NOT on invitations
  • The small guest list is star-studded including: Serena and Venus Williams
  • Kelly and Michelle are also in New York

Update: People has pictures of the flowers and tent here.

The Insider is reporting that “busy workers are building an indoor tent with an all-white theme and the Roman numeral IV. We’re told the event will be for about 30 people. The “magic hour” — when all the workers need to be out — is 3 p.m. More details to come..!” Both Jay-Z and Beyonce have tattoos on their ring fingers.

YBF is reporting the following details:

  • “Around 5p est today, a black SUV with full tinted windows flew through the crowd of media to enter the building’s garage. Only one paparazzo landed a pic of the unconfirmed woman inside. But she was by herself and purposely covering her face with a black and silver “Dereon like” hoodie.
  • Another person was spotted entering the building who resembled Irv Gotti.
  • 20 minutes later 8 black SUVs of the same kind exited the garage one right after the other. All SUVs were empty.
  • Word on the street (from an unreliable source) was that the wedding was over and had taken place in a different location.
  • But another word on the street (from a more reliable source) is that the wedding is actually taking place tonight. This would make more sense if that was indeed Bey in the first SUV.
  • Word has it the SUVs all left to pick up guests and transport them back to Jay-Z’s place for a possible reception/party.
  • Ironicly, Dame Dash lives on the same street.
  • Jay bought the penthouse for approx. $6 mill even though the building looks like crap from the outside.
  • People were spotted setting up for “what looks like a party” under that white tent on the roof.
  • Sources who are actually in the couple’s circle of friends have confirmed to that a wedding is indeed taking place at some point today.”

According to TMZ, Beyonce’s family and Jay-Z’s mom have arrived at his apartment dressed in white in addition to Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Photos below are what is said to be Beyonce’s bouquet (hope not), Solange Knowles, Mathew Knowles, and Gloria Cater (Jay-z’s mom).

Photo Credits: The Insider and The New York Post


Britney Spears Back with Larry and Maybe Kevin

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“Britney Spears’ former manager Larry Rudolph confirms to that he has met the singer and says she’s “doing great.”I have spent time with her, and she is on the right path because she has people around her who really care about her well-being,” Rudolph said.He would not comment further, explaining, “this isn’t the time to talk business. This is a time for healing.”Last week, a source tells Us that Spears met with Rudolph, who is credited for discovering her and managing her career for 9 years. (They stopped talking last February after she blamed him for forcing her into rehab.) “People close to Britney know that Larry is the best person for her,” a friend of the Spears family told Us. “He’s the man who can get her back on the right track career-wise.”

Rudolph is currently producing the MTV show Rock the Cradle, which debuts April 3.”

I am choosing not to believe Star Magazine, because it’s just too much. Seriously, no one is that stupid! This better be a part of some master plan that ends in Kevin’s sudden relocation to places unknown, never to be heard from again. I am going to focus on the Larry news, and allow myself believe that Brit Brit is going to be okay.

source: US Weekly and Star Magazine

Chris Brown and Rihanna Respond to Rumors

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“Still living down persistent rumors that she and Chris Brown are an item, Rihanna insists, “We are best friends, honestly, like brother and sister.”

Speaking to MTV News at Saturday’s Kids’ Choice Awards, the Girls Gone Bad singer and philanthropist, 20, said, “I won’t say that we’re just friends – me and Chris are really best, best friends.

“We both started our careers around the same time. He is one of the only people in the industry … I trust and hang out with all the time.”

And just so there’s no question, she added, “If he was a boyfriend, I would say that.”

Brown joined in, too, saying: “They keep asking me, ‘What’s the deal?’ I’m like, ‘There’s no deal. No deal.’ We’re just friends.”

As it is, Brown doesn’t seem ready to settle down with that special someone. Asked what he does to help thwart speculation about his personal life, the “Run It!” singer, 18, replied: “Be yourself – and see as many girls as possible!””

There is video here.

Source: People