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Usher Files For Separation From Wife?!!?

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YBF is reporting that Usher has separated from his wife. Hmmm, just in time for the album release. I think I will wait for the official statement to believe it.

“Well what do we have here? Extremely reliable sources close to Mr. Raymond himself have confirmed to that Usher has indeed filed for separation from his wife of only 9 months Tameka Raymond. I’m told he actually filed three weeks ago. And Usher is torn on whether he will be making an official announcement or not as he wants to save face and just let it “leak”. How convenient that his album releases in exactly 6 days, his second video hit the net today, and his album leaked yesterday. We’ve been here before with the pre-album release publicity stunts (remember the Chilli breakup right before Confessions?). So I’m really not surprised.

But it is interesting that Mrs. Raymond was just on set with Usher for his MTV snippet tapings on Sunday. At the very beginning of their relationship almost a year ago, sources were screaming left and right that this whole relationship was a sham and Tameka was strictly a pawn. And their relationship was all for publicity for his soon to be released album. And clearly this may not have been as far fetched as people thought.

At this time, it’s unclear as to what reason–if any–Ursh is going to give for their separation. But I have two guesses…both of which fit the classic Usher-pre-album-release-publicity stunts he has pulled before with previous album releases. Either the beef between the Mrs. and Mama Ursh is too much for Usher to handle, or he found out baby Usher V is not his. Regardless, Urshmeka is chillin’ on Splitsville Lane right now and time will only tell how this is all about to play out.”


Benny Medina has issued a statement to Us Magazine. “It’s 100% not true,” Usher’s manager Benny Medina tells Usher and Tameka are currently traveling in Europe together as a family on his promotional tour,” he added. “This rumor is completely false.”

source and source

Tricia Walsh-Smith Approached For ‘Real Housewives’

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Tricia Walsh-Smith is said to be joining the cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City.

‘They’re approaching Tricia for the second season,’ our source says. ‘Nothing has been confirmed yet, but they think she would make a great addition to the show.’ Officially, Bravo reps say, ‘As for Season 2, we’ve announced we’ve been picking it up, but no other decisions have been made so far concerning cast.'”

I said from the beginning that she needed her own show. I’m not sure I want to suffer through the lives of the other cast members just to get a few minutes of Tricia. If you don’t know who Tricia is click here, here and here. Ryan Seacrest better get on this right away. He gave a show to Dina Lohan, and Tricia is much more interesting.


Lessons From Catherine Zeta-Jones

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The R&B/pop diva, who is worth a reported $100 million, inked a prenuptial agreement with new hubby Hov that could result in a $25 million payday for Bey. The longer Beyonce stays married to S. Carter, the more money he pays. The thirty-eight year old Carter’s net worth is estimated at $300 million.

Jay-Z adores Beyonce, and was pretty much willing to give her almost anything she wanted. The prenup calls for Jay-Z to pay Beyonce $10 million if the marriage ends after two years, and $1 million a year for each further year she remains in the marriage, up to fifteen years.

‘Beyonce would be granted access to their private jet and a fleet of cars, which includes a $1 million 1959 Rolls Royce convertible,’ a tabloid snitch claims.

Jay’s thrown in a few incentives for having children: He’s promised to pay her an additional $5 million for each child she bears for him-for her loss of income during pregnancy and child-rearing years.”

Beyonce should have held out for more money and a cheat clause. Catherine Zeta Jones gets 2.8 million for each year of marriage with a multi-million dollar bonus if Michael Douglas cheats on her. For each year the Tom and Katie stays married, Katie collects $3 million.  Just Kidding! Beyonce doesn’t need Jay-Z’s money.


Tricia Walsh-Smith Can Make More Videos

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“She has to find a new set – but all the World Wide Web can still be scorned socialite Tricia Walsh-Smith’s stage.

A Manhattan judge yesterday barred the peeved play wright – who’s made international headlines by venting about her divorce on YouTube – from filming her rants in her Park Avenue apartment, but both he and her husband’s lawyer acknowledged she can say whatever she wants to whomever she wants and broadcast it to the world.

“If there’s a way we thought we could stop [Walsh-Smith], we would do so,” hubby Philip Smith’s lawyer, David Aronson, said in court yesterday.

Walsh-Smith has trashed the Shubert Organization head, who’s 25 years her elder, in two online rants in which she says they never had sex in their nine years of marriage.

“Good afternoon, Tricia,” Smith, 77, told his estranged wife as he walked by her with his cane. She glared at him and said nothing.

Smith is trying to boot the British blonde from the Upper East Side apartment they shared and is suing her for divorce on the grounds that she’s been cruel and inhuman to him.

“The only cruel behavior I’ve ever done to that man was make him have skim milk in his cappuccino,” she said in her latest video, which was posted over the weekend.

“I loved him, and I adored him.”

Walsh-Smith, 52, was accompanied in court by her lawyer and a publicist and declined to answer questions. After the hearing, she made a brief statement to the media, saying she’d been forced to go public because she was in a desperate situation.

“I didn’t want to harm anyone. My financial straits were dire. My husband had stopped paying my credit cards,” she said.

Smith declined comment, as did his lawyer.

In court, Walsh-Smith’s lawyer, David Isaacson, told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Harold Beeler that his client was agreeing to her husband’s request not to remove anything from their apartment “but nothing else.”

The judge granted Smith’s request that his wife stop taking film crews into the apartment, after Aronson noted that she gave a tour of the home in her first video two weeks ago.

“She had a film crew in the apartment. She showed family pictures, his daughter,” Aronson complained.

He also noted that Smith owns the apartment and did so before he married the “Bonkers” playwright and that their prenuptial agreement calls for her to clear out 30 days after a split.

Walsh-Smith said she’s been astonished by all the attention she’s received.

“If I had stabbed [my husband] to death, I don’t think it would have got as much press as me going online and saying, ‘My husband never bonks me,’ ” she said.”


Tricia Walsh-Smith Is Back

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Tricia Walsh-Smith is back, and this women needs her own reality show. This is the second video from Tricia about her divorce from Phillip Smith. You can see the first video here.

Tricia Walsh-Smith Is A Warrior

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“Socialite/playwright Trisha Walsh-Smith is the soon-to-be ex-wife of Philip Smith, president of the Schubert Organization-which means he’s super rich because Schubert owns all those theaters and produces all those fabulous Broadway plays.”

I have so many questions!  Why does he need grounds for divorce, isn’t NY a no-fault state? Is she trying to give him grounds by making videos and inappropriate phone calls…that’s called evidence? Did Trisha have the crazy eyes before they got married? Why doesn’t he just give her the pension, so she will go away?

Well, I have two words for the husband…Heather Mills. Pay her a settlement, get a confidentiality agreement and RUN.

Next time Trisha decides to marry an old dude, she needs to refer to the gold digger handbook.  First, never sign a pre-nup unless you get millions no matter how the marriage ends. Second, have at least one child, so you can at least get child support. Finally, do not post evidence that you are insane on YouTube.


Britney Spears Back with Larry and Maybe Kevin

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“Britney Spears’ former manager Larry Rudolph confirms to that he has met the singer and says she’s “doing great.”I have spent time with her, and she is on the right path because she has people around her who really care about her well-being,” Rudolph said.He would not comment further, explaining, “this isn’t the time to talk business. This is a time for healing.”Last week, a source tells Us that Spears met with Rudolph, who is credited for discovering her and managing her career for 9 years. (They stopped talking last February after she blamed him for forcing her into rehab.) “People close to Britney know that Larry is the best person for her,” a friend of the Spears family told Us. “He’s the man who can get her back on the right track career-wise.”

Rudolph is currently producing the MTV show Rock the Cradle, which debuts April 3.”

I am choosing not to believe Star Magazine, because it’s just too much. Seriously, no one is that stupid! This better be a part of some master plan that ends in Kevin’s sudden relocation to places unknown, never to be heard from again. I am going to focus on the Larry news, and allow myself believe that Brit Brit is going to be okay.

source: US Weekly and Star Magazine