Jennifer Hudson – “Giving Myself Over To You”


4 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson – “Giving Myself Over To You””

  1. I’ve listened to this song the last few days and I keep crying….Its absolutely beautiful…..I know the feeling of being loved and being in love…..I hope this is a personal experience for her…..

    If you can sing this GREAT LIVE—–You can definiely sing and we all know Steve Harvey loves great singing….Hear him in the background saying ah ha ah ha!!!!!! lol

    Cant wait unitl the entire interview is posted…..SONG MAKES FOR A WONDERFUL WEDDING SONG……MAGNIFICENT

  2. I definitely had chills! I am experiencing the love of Mr. Harris! He has been my support in time of weakness and in times of strength. I love him and this song definitely speaks to my soul. It’s very difficult to put trust in someone, but Hudson uses her powerful voice to say it’s okay to give your life to a person wo has been nothing but good to you! Mr. Harris loves me unconditionallly and that is SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD to say! We may not be on the same page, but remember everything is in a process! Everything….especially LOVE. Hudson speaks to the women who need to recognize the value of their partner and definitely find the time to just be you without shame!!!! Love this song

  3. Hi, Paul from South Africa..i love the song

  4. I truly love this song. I am planning on finding someone to sing this song at my wedding while I walk down the asle.

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