Jessie Malakouti – “Trash Me”

I can tell she is influenced by Britney and Gwen Stefani. What do you think?


4 Responses to “Jessie Malakouti – “Trash Me””

  1. MamaDOODOO Says:

    No, I think she has a look/vibe going on that is all her own! I’ve been following her career for a while, and she is a solid artist who writes all of her own songs! I love Jesse!

    I do agree that she dances like Britney! but hey that’s a good thing!!

  2. hotmess69 Says:


    Loves it! If I were straight I’d have a bonar!

    Catchy tune also!
    she wrote it?….. wow…. impressed

  3. Novastar Says:

    not necessarily, just because she is coming out now and has blonde hair with pompador and can dance her ass off like britney? she is the best of both worlds!

    when emimen came out he was the “next vanilla ice”
    when leona lewis came out she was “the next whitney”

    now ppl just want to pigeon hole jessie and say she is the next gwen or britney but i think in time you will be saying “so and so is the next jessie”

  4. Yep. Jessie totally rox!

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