Official Video: Rihanna – “Disturbia”

2 Responses to “Official Video: Rihanna – “Disturbia””

  1. Well... Says:

    It was okay. I didn’t really believe she was disturbed in the video. I think someone like Beyonce would have really got into it and started looking psycho. This also proves that Rihanna can’t dance. Her robotic moves were kind off and uncontrolled.

    It was a good video though. The song is okay.

    *can you tell I’m not a big Rihanna fan*

  2. rick ross Says:

    I loved it!? i love this song its so catchy just another one of her great songs to come out with, i just love her voice and everything she sings is just great. i thought the music video could of been better but goes with the eeriness of the song. i thought it was thaaa shit.

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