America’s Got Talent: Eli Mattson – “Walking in Memphis”

21 Responses to “America’s Got Talent: Eli Mattson – “Walking in Memphis””

  1. Simply brilliant – so much potential – I hope he continues to sing popular songs during the remaining rounds of this competition and resists the temptation to sing one of his own creation – that will give him his best chance of success – then when he wins he can write and sing as many of his own songs as he desires – somehting tells me there will be plenty – he looks highly talented and in love with his music – good luck to him – I though he was extraordinary.

  2. I agree strongly that he should not sing his own songs for the remaining rounds, unless very much revamped from what I heard on Myspace. He truly made Walkin in Memphis his own, didn’t he? Absolutely phenomenal performance – hope to see more like that – sheer poetry in motion!

  3. There is something so haunting about his performance, it just pulls you in. Eli seems to have what it takes to make it really big. I wish him the best of luck and am looking forward to numerous breath taking performances. He really is a star. Thank you for entering the contest, Eli.

  4. I have to say, I have watched this performance about 100 times and I’m still loving it. This guy has a great voice and a lot of soul. I dont think it would really make a difference if he sings his own music or someone elses on this show. He has a LOT of potential.

  5. Chiming in here as well. The kid is phenomenal but I do agree that he should stay away from his own music for the time being.

    I too have watched this video over and over just to make sure that he is as good as I think he is.


  7. stevedawg Says:

    Not bad for a kid from Door County, Wis., who can be found playing his keyboard and signing on the sidewalks outside tourist attractions. I’m with him all the way … absolutely talented with a haunting style!

  8. I am very familiar with Door County, Wisconsin, and it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! It’s woodsy, colorful, tranquil beauty, has lured artists from all over the world (many of whom choose to live there). I’m sure Eli loves it too!

  9. I am very familiar with Door County, Wisconsin, and it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! It’s woodsy, colorful, tranquil beauty has lured artists from all over the world (many of whom choose to live there). I’m sure Eli loves it too!

  10. Simply brilliant

  11. I will nail my colours to the mask right at this instance of having listened to all available on youtube participating in AGT. Eli, you are simply a extraordinary talent on a level where winning this contest will only confirm your awesome ability to rearrange the emotions of a human being the second you sing your first notes. For the contest I would love to hear you sing “HURRICANE” by Bob Dylan as this will bring the house down and surely at the completion guarantee your justified appeal that will spread world wide. You mentioned your struggle to earn a income thru your early journey – well from this point on I would advise you to ensure that you succumb to no attractive promises of management but rather engage any star who has slogged the way to the top and lend them an ear on which route to follow as you could tie up all sorts of incredible deals that will ensure your grandchilren never need to utter similar struggles. Im from South Africa and I have no doubt you will become the first world renown solo singer writer who will attribute this success thru the network of the internet download and I look forward to your live shows here within 2 years from now and cant wait! You are about to become HUGE!

  12. YES, GREAT IDEA, HANS! it would be AMAZING if he sang a wonderful but maybe not too well known Bob Dylan song – to combine the depth and poetry of Dylan lyrics with his beautiful voice and super sensitive delivery . . . (Now if he’ll only listen to us!! LOL)

  13. Eli – you can just stand still and I’ll vote for you!! AMAZING VOICE! And I disagree that you should sing popular songs – sing your own Baby Doll!!!

  14. I saw Eli sing a few weekends ago in Door County. He sang songs he wrote and those of other artists. His voice is just awesome and there is a strong emotional component that just came over me and drew me in. He is even better in person!! Just phenomenal!!

  15. This Guy is good, his voice reminds me of Hootie and the Blowfish. I will be waiting for his CD’s. He just brings you in and you have to listen.

  16. LOVE ELI! Can’t wait for something to put on my ipod.

  17. Last year Cas Haley came out and sang Walkin on the moon and blew away the judges and you knew he would be in the finals, this year Eli comes out and does the same thing. He will be in the finals and this time I hope america gets it right.

  18. From the 1st words I heard you sing, I wanted to buy your CD. You are so beautiful Eli. You’re voice & genuiness are a treasure to behold. Amazing, simply amazing.

  19. I Have seen ELi in concert many times throughout the last few years and I can honestly say that there has not been one concert that I haven’t had tears in my eyes because I was moved with emotion. ELi not only has an amazing voice but he is an amazing person as well. I have never met someone with so much talent that was so humble. Congrats ELI this is well deserved and always keep smiling!

  20. A message to Eli — No matter what song you choose, just close your eyes & sing from your heart & soul. Wow! What amazing performances so far! 🙂

  21. Eli: you need to make your CD available. You have more fans than you may realize. Neal is good but you should have won. And you need a website (maybe to sell your CD?) like the other Top Five (Don, Stringz, Emily and Neal) have.

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