Danity Kane Tops Billboard Album Charts


1. Danity Kane Welcome To The Dollhouse
2. Soundtrack Now 27
3. Rick Ross Trilla
4. Flo Rida Mail On Sunday
5. Jack Johnson Sleep Through The Static
6. Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana 2
7. Snoop Dogg Ego Trippin’
8. Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
9. Sara Bareilles Little Voice
10. Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert

5 Responses to “Danity Kane Tops Billboard Album Charts”

  1. hello

  2. Aubrey and D.Woods would want to have chat with themselves Diddy has given them an opportunity of a life time that most of us can only ever dream off and what they have dream about 4 years ago before they got this chance and ye act like spoilt kids constantly bitching about something get life Aubrey from the start you have been all mouth and wrecking people head with your attitude…Why should diddy have to tell you what he is planning to do with another member if it was you he wanted on hes single would you complaine NO you wouldn’t I would put money on it you would think it wasn’t a problem ur JEALOUS and for god sake will you pick up on ur dress sense there is no 1 would want you out dressed like that and representing them…. U NEED GOOD KICK UP THE ASS here is something to think about??if you didn’t make this band where would you be know still on minumum wage gone from week to week and dreaming off making it….

  3. Taylor Swift Fearless…

    Fearless is the second shocking album by American country pop singer Taylor Swift, released on November.
    Fearless is the first awesome disc since Santana’s Supernatural to top the Top music hits for one non-consecutive weeks….

  4. kellyadams Says:

    hey my friends and i love us so so so much i am dawn my cousnt mae mae is d woods and all the rest

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